Four Keys to Life More Abundant



Key One: Never Take Anything for Granted


We spend a lot of time taking things that we shouldn’t for granted. Take for instance the next breath you are going to take. Who promised you that next breath? Who said you would have air to breathe or that your lungs would not stop working? Who guaranteed you another day of life on this planet? We take our very existence for granted and that is sad. No one is guaranteed life, or that that life you get is going to be good. Yet when we live well and good we don’t think about it. We never give it a second thought. So I say an important key to living is to not take these things for granted.


Key Two: Allow the Music of Life to Fill Your Heart and Sing Along


Have you ever gotten up early to listen to the birds singing in the early morning haze? They are praising God for allowing them to survive through the night and to live another day. We should be joining in the music of the world about us. The very Universe vibrates with music! We are in essence made up of musical notes as it permeates the very atoms that make up our bodies. What is wrong with just singing to God our praises each morning and each evening? David did and God deeply loved him. I challenge you to join in the chorus of nature and sing little ditties to God. You don’t have to carry a tune in a bucket, God loves it anyway.


Key Three: Notice the Beauty Around You Everyday


I know, I know, the world can be a very ugly place with pestilence and famine. There are an increasing number of evil men born to this planet but what about the beauty around us? Why do we spend so much time looking at the ugliness while totally ignoring the beauty? The night sky proclaims the glory of the Lord the Bible says and I believe it. So do flowers, trees and newborn babies. There is so much beauty about us every day and we need to start paying attention to it, to thank God for it and to enjoy it.


Key Four: Take Stock of Your Blessings Daily and Thank God for Them


Many of us spend a lot of time praying for things and expecting God to wait on us hand and foot. That’s not true religion or Christianity. True faith is to notice all the things God does for us every day such as allowing us to think about Him. There are many, many people who are not able to think this way because their brains have been damaged. Do you ever think of how fortunate you are that you can see or hear? How about walk? Do you have food in your refrigerator? Do you have gas in your car? Do you have a job or the prospect of one? There are many, many blessings to be grateful for, let us not do God the injustice of ignoring them.


These are but four keys I have found to life. There are many more things that life offers us every day to give God the glory for what He has done for each of us. Even if you have a hard time admitting there is a God, and many of you do, you can’t ignore the fact that you are here and that something somewhere made that miracle possible. Enjoy life and give thanks every hour of every day for what you have and don’t dwell on those things you don’t have. Peace of mind follows this type of thinking and I’m sure everyone reading this wants that. May the God of your understanding grant you, peace.

“Never put the keys to your happiness in somebody else’s pocket.” Author Unknown


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