I’m Offering Help Finding Research About Dissociative Identity Disorder and Other Mental Health Problems

If you have ever gone to the internet to search for information written by researchers about dissociative identity disorder, you’ll find what I did. Thousands of papers written on different aspects of DID. To be sure, the page after page of research papers is fascinating, but most people do not want to take the time to read each one to see if it has relevant information for what they are looking for.

That is one reason I wrote A Compilation of the Research on the Topic of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

By using the index in the front, laid out by topic, you can find what you have been searching for easily and without spending hours searching.

Each topic has a list of research papers, commentaries, and books with each paper’s title, the abstract, and the author’s citation.

I wrote this book for you, my readers, providers, and family members who want to understand the enigmatic disorder that is dissociative identity disorder.

I have also authored a book detailing the research available on many of the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorders entitled, The Neurological Research of Mental Health Disorders.

Like the book about DID, this book also is broken into topics with each mental illness under its own chapter. Also, like the other book, it gives the paper’s name, abstract, and author’s citation.

I’m truly hoping you will purchase one or both of these books. They are a marvelous resource and might help your mental health professionals find what they need to treat your disorders better.

Besides, when you buy my book you will not only get a great reference, you also support a starving author. LOL

So, please follow the links for each book and buy yours today!





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