Advocacy is A Vital Force for Change

Good morning everyone. It is only 3:47 am as I’m writing this post. Sigh. Such is the life of someone with DID.

Anyway, I wanted to shoot out this post to let you know what I’m up to. Man, am I busy!

Illinois House Mental Health Committee

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I’m going today to the capital of Illinois, Springfield, to give testimony before the House Mental Health Committee of our state legislature who give advisory information to form the budget for the Illinois Department of Mental Health.

I’ll be speaking on three points:


  1. Share my mental health experiences
  2. What has been helpful in my healing
  3. Offer recommendations for overcoming barriers that need funded

I’m very humbled and excited to be taking part in this important committee discussion. My topic will center on prevention because I firmly believe if we focus on changing the lives of children, we can keep from needing to pay for the health problems they will experience as adults. That will save millions, perhaps billions of dollars.

(I’ll post my testimony below)

The Illinois Mental Health Planning & Advisory Council (IMHPAC) 


I recently got involved and was accepted to the Illinois Mental Health Planning and Advisory Committee. The committee is made up of providers, insurers, and people living with mental health conditions to offer input on policy to the Illinois Divison of Mental Health (IDMH).

So far, I’ve only attended one meeting held last month where I was voted unanimously for acceptance. I’m looking forward to being part of the committee to help shape the policy and funding in my state for mental health services.

Sticks and Stones Digest 2018


I also have a new book! I’ve given it the title Sticks and Stones Digest 2018. I can’t really remember why I chose Sticks and Stones LOL, it was probably a little who suggested it and I have a hard time turning them down. It is 2018 because a majority of the information was presented by me in that year.

Sticks and Stones is a compilation of the best of my posts for the past few years. It includes information on how childhood trauma changes the brain, integration, child alters and the latest research on DID.

Sticks and Stones Digest 2018 is available on Amazon and only costs $6.99. Please consider purchasing one. I could use the money and I guarantee there is lots of information in this book that is highly helpful. Please don’t forget to leave a comment and rating for the book!

Here’s the Link to Sticks and Stones Digest 2018

Advocacy is a Vital Force for Change

During the seven years, I lived inpatient on a psychiatric, I learned just how much advocacy. The first election that was held while I was there I had to fight to get to vote. They said there had never been an interest in it before, but I insisted it was my right, and of course, it was. They promised they would take me to my voting place, but the ride never came.

I raised a huge stink and the next time there was an election, the election board sent a team to the facility so that we could vote. One of the people who decided to vote in that election was very ill, but I reminded the facility director that it was his right as a citizen, so they reluctantly allowed him to do his duty as a citizen.

There were many other battlefields I fought on while inpatient, but my point is this. If we sit around on our laurels and never speak up to make change happen, then it will not. It’s not enough to sit back and complain to peers about the state of our mental health system, we need to raise our voices in a positive way to let the powers that be know what will help.

The loudest voices in the lobby of a state or federal assembly are the ones who are heard and funded.

Thanks for reading this website. It means so much to me. Keep those comments coming! They encourage me to keep on carrying on!

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