Beyond Beds The Vital Role of a Full Continuum of Psychiatric Care


I received an email this evening from SAMHSA, (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) announcing the following report had finally come out today from the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors. The piece encompasses the first in a ten-part series on the inpatient psychiatric treatment capacity in the United States.

SAMHSA had commissioned the report to examine the need for addressing serious mental illness with the same emphasis as other chronic medical conditions. It is to help report on the role of interconnected, evidence-based systems of care in reducing the human and economic burden of serious mental illness.

An excerpt of this important report:

“A full continuum of care includes a sufficient number of beds to meet the acute, intermediate and long-term needs of those individuals with mental illness who require more intense or specialized services than are available in the community.”

– Beyond Beds

To obtain a copy of the report, you can go to the following website and download a free PDF.



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