Have Patience with Us, We are Experiencing Growing Pains

I’ve noticed my website has lost a ton of readers in these past few months. At first, I put it off to my being ill, but I think it is a symptom of, perhaps, something a little more.  

I realize that to many who live in other countries, it looks like the population of the United States has lost their marbles. We have an extremely controversial President who has made many of our oldest and truest allies shrink away and shake their heads.

I have been experiencing a growing sense of panic myself, fearing that my country was lost, its democracy dying, and our people decimated by civil war.


While those things could happen, there are still more of us who want to hold onto the things that made the US great (at least it was in our heads). No, we are not a perfect melting pot, we are more like a tapestry woven from all different types of human beings.

We have become a place of scorn to the planet, and perhaps it is well-deserved. Glancing at those who fear globalization and change, one might think we haven’t a snowball’s chance in hell of pulling out of this.

Be assured, if we can’t do so, we the people will win because there are more of us than there are of them.


They have the money to try to pull this shit, but I don’t have anything so what do I have to lose in fighting for what our country was supposed to stand for.

I stated all that to reassure you, and perhaps myself, that there are more people who are completely sane in this country that it might seem at first glance.

There are still millions of us who do not feel anyone who is not white, Christian, straight, and rich are the ones who should be running our country and the world.

We do not think people who have little, are LGBTQ, have another color of skin, or work hard to keep their kids fed are to be despised.

We would never look at another country who would call them “shit hole” and we love those who need our help.

Don’t give up on us. We are working hard to end the bigotry and violence that permeates our American culture right now. Have patience with us. After all, we are only a little over 243 years old while countries in Europe and Asia have existed for thousands of years.

We are experiencing growing pains.

President Trump and his supporters will eventually lose out because hatred is finite. I truly believe my country needed this uncomfortable and tragic era to awaken us to who we are on the inside. Like my brother says, “this country needed an enema.”


Well, hopefully, and with the grace of God, the United States will resurrect herself a stronger, more tolerant, and a better ally than we have ever been.

I would say God bless America, but that would be wrong.

So, I leave you with this final message.


May God bless planet Earth and all who live upon her.





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