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choose life

Hi fellow healers!

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing these motivational posts very often lately, I’ve been otherwise occupied. Also, I realized that although many of you out there in Internet land enjoyed seeing them, you might have also been getting a bit bored from seeing them.

So, I made an executive decision to post them less often but with the same insights, I had been posting before.

The Picture of the Plant


A few springs ago, I was sitting outside the office of my Psychiatrist waiting for my ride home when I spied the little plant above peeking through the asphalt. I was struck by its will to live despite the harshness of the medium it had grown through and wondered at the strength it had taken that little seedling to force its way to the surface.

I was reminded of my healing journey, at that point, in its twenty-ninth year.

I too had found myself for many years in therapy attempting to grow in hostile circumstances and desperately trying to stay alive despite the harsh environment I had grown through.

Not only had I been traumatized severely in childhood, but the effects of that maltreatment had continued to threaten my existence long after it had stopped.

The little seedling in the photograph most likely perished because it had no good soil or support to help it grow into the plant it was meant to be.

However, in my healing journey, I had not only survived the turmoil of my traumatic past but had transplanted myself into the good soil of healing and enjoyed the enormous support from my therapist.

Had I not made the leap out of the asphalt and isolation of my past into the deep soil of acceptance and healing, I too would no longer be alive.

I had made the quantum leap from being a victim to becoming a survivor and it all came through making the decision to live.

I understand very well that dying by suicide sounds like a great backup plan for many out there who are on their healing journey. I used to have that always on the back burner too.

However, I cannot express loudly enough to you that until you give up that notion and choose to live, no matter what, healing will only take you so far and you will be stuck.

You see, there is something beyond forcing your way through life and being defined by what happened to you. There is the peace that comes upon becoming a thriver and having the power to make your life what you choose.

But it only happens when you stop dying and choose to live.

I know this, I’ve lived it.

So, think about the little plant and choose to live on despite what has happened to you.

Choose life!




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