I Seriously Need Some Help!


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Self-publishing is hard. I know because I have done it. I have self-published with createspace.com and kdp.com. Both are wonderful sites, offering quality publishing for no cost. If you can afford it, they also offer help in formatting, editing and promoting of your work. Unfortunately, I cannot afford these costs, which comes to the point of this post.

I need some serious help!

I have written and published three books I would very much like to see begin to sell. They have met with some mild success and the people who have bought them have said they are good. However, I need suggestions on how I can promote my books better myself or get the attention of a big house publisher without paying. I simply do not have the funds.

Let me go further in explaining my situation. I have lived with Dissociative Identity Disorder and the chaos that comes along with this debilitating condition all my life. In 1995 I was forced to go on disability and quite frankly I barely have enough money to live on.

Yet, I am totally committed to getting the word out to others about the realities of DID to end the stigma perpetuated by Hollywood. My books are not written to sensationalize DID, instead they are filled with facts and knowledge I have acquired as I have gone through intensive therapy. They are unique in that they tell, not the horrific details of the abuse I endured, but of what it is like during the recovery process, from a client’s point of view, my own. I have two main goals in writing these books: one to help those who have been diagnosed to understand they are not weird but people who are totally normal for where they have been; and two to help professionals see from their client’s point of view what it is like to be in therapy and to be a multiple.

The names of the books are Dissociative Identity Disorder In A Nutshell: A First-Hand Account, Becoming: The Wonder of Integration, and The Tear’s Will Cease: Recovery From Dissociative Identity Disorder.

I am currently working on a fourth book. It will be, when finished, the most definitive book on DID ever written. I am including all aspects of dissociative identity disorder, research, facts, myths, the controversy of my diagnosis, and much, much more. For this reason I am going to name it The Definitive Guide to Dissociative Identity Disorder. I am not going to self-publish this book, I wish to approach a major publishing house and hopefully they will pick it up.

I desperately need suggestions as to which houses to approach, and it wouldn’t hurt if any of you have an inside track with them. Of all my followers, friends, and connections I have on social media, perhaps one of you can help me.

I’m not expecting miracles with this post, I just thought instead of blindly posting on all my social media sites about my books and needs, then hoping for the best, that I would reach out. I need professionals to look at my books, and if they like them to tell their clients and other professionals about them.  I would also love to get an agent who can help me navigate the publishing  industry.

I wish to thank you for reading this post to the end. I mean, begging isn’t my forte’ but hey, we do what we have to sometimes right?

Thank you.

Shirley J. Davis

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