Men Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder

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As many of you may already know, the ratio of men compared to women who are known to be diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder is 9:1.  The reasons for this difference isn’t because women are more hysterical than men, but rather because in our society men are driven to hide what are considered to be weaknesses and flaws.

Of course, living with a severe mental health condition such as DID is NOT a weakness, but centuries of the fear of appearing so remain.

The result has been that thousands of men in the United States alone remain either undiagnosed or decide to hide their diagnosis if it is confirmed.

So, this article is both to inform all who read my website who are men living with DID and those who are ignorant of what they go through.

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Papers and Articles Dedicated to Men with Dissociative Identity Disorder


There aren’t many papers or articles dedicated solely to speaking about the fate of men living with DID in our society.  However, there are a few and I am going to give you, my readers, the links to them and the articles and papers themselves.

These are NOT my articles or papers, they belong to researchers and other authors.

I hope this helps those brave men who read my work and others to feel not alone in a world that downplays their suffering.

All of the following information is available free online at the URL’s I have listed below each article or paper. Enjoy.



Article from Everyday Health by Denise Mann

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One Man’s Life With 5 Identities _ Everyday Health-1One Man’s Life With 5 Identities _ Everyday Health-2

Find this Article Here


The Clinical Phenomenology of Males with MPD: A Report of 21 Cases


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You Can Check Out This Paper Here


It is my sincere hope that this piece has been helpful. Shirley




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