Your Motivation for February 4, 2019

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Hello and welcome to Monday.

Anxiety is definitely a normal part of being human. Anxiety serves us in helping us to avoid danger and respond by either running away, freezing to avoid detection, or fight our way out of the situation.

However, what happens when anxiety overwhelms our lives and we can’t cope?

I think many of you know the answer to that question. You live in a quagmire of flashbacks, triggers and never knowing the peace of mind we all deserve.

Mindfulness can help.

With mindfulness,  we concentrate on the “now” and pay attention to our breathing, our surroundings, and our emotions. Of course, one should practice mindfulness when they aren’t in an active panic attack. However, if you do it many times before and after one you will find you respond to anxiety-riddled situations in a better and more productive way.

Begin by sitting in a favorite room, area outdoors or go to your mind and take deep breathes. Pay attention to the motion of your abdomen and the feeling of the fresh air filling and leaving your lungs.

Then feel the ground (chair, etc.) beneath your bottom and the sounds around you. If you are indoors, think about playing some gentle music. If outdoors, listen for bird calls or children laughing.

Mindfulness retrains your brain circuits that were miswired in childhood or after the traumatic event(s) that caused the anxiety you are busy defeating.

For your convenience, I have included in this post some relaxing music from YouTube of some nice melodic music. Look about, you’ll find all kinds of lovely meditative music.


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