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Do You Understand the Difference?


The words fault and responsible  are sometimes thought of as synonymous when in reality they mean totally different things. I hadn’t muddled this thought through totally, but I understood that I am responsible for my recovery and behavior and that making those things someone else’s fault lessens my power to get well. Then I saw the video featured below by Will Smith, and things became crystal  clear.

I found some very telling definitions of these two words in an online dictionary:

Fault– Responsibility for a mistake or an offense.

Responsibility- The obligation to carry forward an assigned task to a successful conclusion. With responsibility goes authority to direct and take the necessary action to ensure one’s success.

Here Are My  Thoughts

Fault–To place the blame for my behavior and illness on the offenses of others is a natural thing to do, but it accomplishes nothing. It is a natural place to begin the healing process from trauma, but in the end, after all has been learned of what happened it becomes a heavy liability.

Responsibility– The determination of whether I get well and live well is up to me. I am responsible for all my actions, thoughts and attitudes today. I will do what is necessary to ensure that I get as far as I can go in life, and accept the blame when I fail as well as enjoy the limelight when I succeed.

Blaming others for my failures today is ridiculous. Blaming my alters for things that I do is also ridiculous. They ARE ME and I AM THEM! Anything I do in a dissociated state IS my fault!

This is a very hard lesson to grasp and to pull into one’s heart, but once it is done wow! The power!!!

Listen to Will Smith, and just consider what this post has said. Shirley




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