Your Motivation for February 9, 2019

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Happy Saturday everyone! Welcome back to my website, I am so humbled and glad you came to visit today.

We all have our ups and downs. Some days we feel happy and in control but others we are a mess. I’m no exception, and I’m sure so are you.

Sometimes the winds of life blow like a hurricane through our lives.

Living with dissociative identity disorder can be tough. I have memory problems where, even after 30 years of therapy, I block out events that trigger me. I have days when I just feel awful and want to hide.

If you were to visit me on one of my bad days you may not think that I have come as far as I have in my healing. You might think I’ve been lying online and that I am not as healed as I am because you walked in on a bad chapter in my story.

It is all too easy to judge others and very difficult to take a hard look at ourselves that judging others is a relief taking the spotlight off our own journey.

Life is hard and life is not fair, two simple facts that affect all humans everywhere. Accepting these facts of life makes the journey easier and allows us to pay attention to what needs to be focused on, ourselves.

Have no despair, you are healing. How do I know? You took the time to read this post by someone you have probably never met. The very fact that you are willing to think outside the box in your healing journey proves that you will get to your destination, whatever that means to you.




We’re on this journey together. I’ve got your back.





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