Ivory Garden DID Support Group and Chat


I have been privileged to belong for many years to an online support group called Ivory Garden. Through it I have found lasting friendships and hope that has helped to carry me to where I am in my new life after trauma.


There are those who think that this site is like other dissociative identity disorder site where there is reportedly a lot of bickering and infighting. That isn’t true.


I can honestly report that Ivory Garden is a safe place to go for support and to vent when need be.


The site is owned an operated by a wonderful woman named Pat Goodwin who has spent a large amount of her life dedicated to helping others. Although she has met with a great deal of controversy, she still is out there fighting to help those, like myself, who need her patience and knowledge.


Ivory Garden has had some bad times, but that isn’t unusual the way the Internet works. At one time there was a hostile intent to take-over our site that injured a lot of people. To those people I can only say this, we survived and will continue on without you.




Pat Goodwin, President of Ivory Garden


Pat Goodwin has had plenty of knocks to the heart running Ivory Garden, but her dedication and courage has inspired many like myself to branch out on our own and help those who are still lost in the maze of dissociative identity disorder.



So, if you are in need of friendship and hope, hop on over to Ivory Garden and check it out. You can visit some of the open pages, and if you like it join to be able to get into the forums. The cost is $5 a month. Pat only charges this to keep out those who would abuse a free site.



To those who are on the Ivory Garden forums and support Pat Goodwin’s work I say this. You will always be my family of choice. Your love and hope filled words have given me courage, and most of all, have helped me not to feel alone.




 “A family is a group of people who are committed to loving and supporting one another. It’s just that simple.” Sherri Saum



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