Your Daily Motivation for February 13, 2019. A Cage is Only A Cage If…..


Hey everyone, welcome to hump day.

Humans have a way of turning every problem they encounter into a cage.

We will sit and stew for days or even decades somewhat enjoying the idea that we can wallow in our sorrow.

We weep for years over what someone did to us.

There is a time for mourning our lost childhoods, but then we must move on.

You see, we build cages around us that are built with reminders of what happened to us.

Then we sit and cry about those things that have negatively impacted us.

We then choose to remain focused our trauma.

There is a huge problem when we spend so much of our energy focused on the trauma.

By clinging to the metal bars of our self-imposed cage, we will miss noticing the open cage behind us.

We could escape and fly away when we want.

Sometimes, we know the cage door is open.

We choose cling to on to our hurts and disappointments choosing not leave.

Today I challenge all my fellow survivors to look inside yourselves.

Do you need to remain a forever victim of the hurts from your history?

Or, is the door wide open?

Giving up the identity of victim is one of the hardest things survivors must do.

But do it we must to move forward in our healing.

I know it was for me.

Choose the door, my friends.


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