Your Motivation for February 12, 2019. We Have Endured


Good morning. Once again I’m in your inbox with another motivational post.

I love to watch programs about archeology. The Archeologists dig into the ruins of ancient civilizations to find the treasures hidden far below ground that has been buried for sometimes thousands of years.

I find it fascinating that many of the items found by scientists are ordinary objects that their former owners have thrown away. You see, much of what archeologists uncover are found in rubbish heaps that were located in ancient times behind the homes of the people who lived long ago.

So, trash from a thousand years ago has now become a treasure.

The pottery they uncover is cracked, faded, and incomplete yet the scientists are thrilled when it is once again brought into the light.

Survivors are like these ancient finds. Our value to the world has been hidden beneath many layers of fear, self-doubt, and trauma. The trauma of our pasts has left us cracked, worn, faded and we have been tossed into the rubbish heap of those who harmed us.

However, when we begin our healing journey, we are like the dirty and grimy pottery that archeologists find. As we continue down the road less taken, the beauty and value of who we are as humans come to light just as the pottery, once cleaned shows its beauty.

Survivors are invaluable.


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