Making Halloween Just a Day on the Calendar After SRA

nothing can harm you

I understand that many people who were harmed as children in ritual abuse, find Halloween a very hard day. Facing what happened on a day to day basis is hard enough, but a high day such as Halloween conjures memories that can be overwhelming.

I Propose A New Way of Thinking

I am proposing a new way of thinking. Yes, what happened was atrocious, and can never, and never should be forgotten. However, why allow a day on the calendar to rule your emotions, and your life. Halloween is only a day. It comes once a year just like every other day on the calendar. We do well to be aware that the evil done to you still exists and that children are still being abused on this day, but it is no longer happening to you and to allow a day on the calendar to rule over you is not only counterproductive, it is also destructive.

A Place is Just a Place

I was traumatized in a garage, and that garage is still standing. The first time I went to the small town where it stands, and viewed it from the street I was mortified. The fear I felt was very real, and I couldn’t wait to get away. Upon reflection on my response, I realized that the garage was only a place, and that the trauma I had suffered was in the past. I have been back to that garage several times since this, and it gets smaller and more of a garage every time. In fact, I have asked permission of the new owner to go inside to further defeat the fear that is streaming from the past.

I Refuse to Allow the People Who Harmed Me to Rule My Adult Life

My point is this. We are no longer innocent victims. We are full-grown, capable adults who are able to defend ourselves. To allow a day or a place to cause us to feel fear, apprehension, or worse is to allow the people who harmed us free reign in our minds.

I refuse to do this. 

I’m inviting you to respond to Halloween as just another day on the calendar. Perhaps in the future you may even begin to enjoy the activities other people do in the wearing of costumes and parties, but if not, that’s okay too.

Just please, don’t let the people who harmed you in the past determine which days you will feel happy and which you won’t. Work to be free of the influences of the past, this is the only way you can defeat the people who harmed you and be free.


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