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I have recently become a contributing writer for a blog site I thought you should know about. It’s called Patient Next Door and it offers more than your average blog site.

On Patient Next Door can be found articles on all types of health problems and helpful information on how to overcome them. Not only this, they also offer patient stories, quotes, and surveys.

They even have a free app you can download to your cell phone or tablet to help you with your daily health care decisions.

The First Official Article by, Yours Truly, Shirley J. Davis

High-school students standing in front of lockers

I have begun to contribute to this blog site and have just posted my first official mental health article. The title of the piece is Tips To Help Your Teen’s Mental Health in High School.

In the article, I talk about the mental health crises that face high school students. These include relevant topics like chronic stress, peer pressure and cyberbullying.

I hope you will take time out of your busy day to visit the Patient Next Door blog site today.



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