Announcing an Important Webinar on Misophonia for Parents

Are you a #parent of a child or teenager with misophonia and sound sensitivity?

IF so, I’m happy to announce a webinar about parenting a child or teen who has the diagnosis of misophonia.

Misophonia, meaning “hatred of sound”, was proposed in 2000 as a condition in which negative emotions, thoughts, and physical reactions are triggered by specific sounds.

Misophonia is not classified as an auditory or psychiatric condition and is different from phonophobia (fear of sound).

There are no standard diagnostic criteria for misophonia and there is little research on how common it is or the treatment.

As of 2018, there were no evidence-based methods to manage the condition. Management generally consists of helping the person develop coping skills, cognitive behavioral therapy, and exposure therapy have been used with limited success.

This event, entitled “Parenting Your Misophonia Child or Teenager” will be an online webinar that covers misophonia research, the basis of misophonia, and how parents can help their kids/teens cope with misophonia.

This webinar is an introduction to misophonia, current research, coping skills and management, and help understanding possible accommodations for your children.

Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout is the mother of a misophone, as well as having the disorder herself.

The webinar takes place May 21st at 7:30PM EST and will be available for 1 week after viewing for those who cannot attend. Cost is $75 per family.

Date and Time:

May 21st, 2019 at 7:30PM EST (available for 1 week after for those who can’t make time)


Online Via Zoom (download on registration page)


$75 per Family

Register Here

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