It Isn’t Over, Until It’s Over


I’ve spent several of the past few years contemplating my life and the future, and I’ve come to one very important conclusion.

Life isn’t over, until it’s over.

While this simple phrase may not sound like much to some, to we who have survived severe trauma in childhood, it is a revelation. We were held down in our minds by the horrible things that were programmed into our minds by those who meant to harm us as children. Though the exact words may never have been said, the messages we received and believed in our souls were clear.

You are worthless

You will never accomplish anything

You are a piece of wasted real estate

You don’t belong anywhere

You are only good for one thing, my pleasure

We internalized those messages deep into our psyche and now as adults, we struggle to get free of their influence over our lives.

One way to counteract these negative messages, is to choose to allow a different message to permeate our lives. One such message I have found to be extremely helpful, is this:

My Book Isn’t Finished, I Still Have Chapters That Remain Unwritten!

I am nearing the age of 60. I have no house, no husband, no family, no career, and no job. Yet, I am not done yet! I have many pages to my life that are yet to be written!

You too, wherever you are, whoever you are, no matter what your present condition in life, are also an unfinished book. It doesn’t matter your physical or emotional abilities, or disabilities for that matter, you can still make a difference in the world.

Why should you want to push on? Why should you want to make this simple message a part of who you are and keep forcing your way into an uncertain future?

Here are three good reasons to keep on keepin’ on! 

One. You want to win don’t you? If you roll over and allow those old messages to rule you and don’t allow yourself to write your own pages in your book of life, you have allowed those who set out to harm you long ago to win! I don’t know about you, but those are fighting words to me!


Two. We need you! Humanity desperately needs your voice of compassion and reason. We, as a species, can only function when all of us are working together for the common good. Your voice is vital our survival!


Three. Last but not least, You are worth it! I know, some of you don’t feel this way, but that’s because you are looking from inside yourself. You don’t see what the rest of us see. We see a beautiful, flawed, compassionate and wonderfully unique person!


You are the only you in the universe! There are no others like you, and that in and of itself makes you valuable!

I know this post may be hard to swallow for many. That’s okay. If you keep this in the back of your mind, stored away, stewing, perhaps someday it will make it through and you’ll realize, “Hey, that blogger-lady was right!”

We are all just books, who contain books with pages that are as yet unwritten.

I love the following song! It is sung by Natasha Bedingfield, and has such a wonderful and powerful message!


[wpvideo kMObfeYq]


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