Glossary of Terms


I am not a mental health professional and all of the information on this blog is gleaned from either personal experience or from research that is available free of charge via the Internet. In no way am I responsible for the action or inaction of anyone other than myself when mental health issues or any other issues are concerned.

All people living with dissociative identity disorder have had different experiences growing up and thus different traumatic experiences as well. No two systems are alike. What works for me may or may not work for you.

I advise anyone who reads this blog to always seek out the help of a trained mental health professional. Listen to them and try to follow their lead. I am not qualified to tell anyone what to or not to do.

Shirley J. Davis


Glossary of Terms

Below is a link to a page full of helpful resources. Please use it and enjoy the fact that there is indeed research, help, and validation out there!


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