Your Motivation for February 7, 2019

Good morning, yep, it’s Thursday.

Watch the incredible video below and then come back.

This work is by Thomas Deininger from his web site. 

I ran into this man’s work on Twitter and then again on LinkedIn and became immediately enamored. The reason I am so enthralled is the message that this short video and some of his other works convey.

Nothing is exactly as it seems.

At first glance, the man in the painting seems to be serenely looking up and all alone in his thoughts. But upon closer inspection, one can see he is a collage of his emotions, behaviors and the events of his past.

If nothing else, this painting proves that you simply cannot and must not judge a book by its cover. Don’t judge others by the facade they show the world. Rather, remember that all people everywhere share a vital common thread, we are all human.

Something to chew on this February morning.






You can see more of artist Thomas Deininger’s work at his website and on his Instagram, like this smiling mouth:


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