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I apologize again for my absence. Finals are over, and I’m recuperating from a semester that was full of challenges, but that I loved.  I wanted to write a post explaining what I have in mind for the near future here on this blog.

I have decided to write a series. It will consist of ten posts, and will be built around the theme, “The Ten Stages of Recovery from Childhood Trauma”.

As many of you my readers, may have read in previous posts, I have endured almost 30 years of psychotherapy. I have spent a lot of time lately, thinking about how I got to the point where I am now.

It has been one hell of a ride, but I now live a relatively peaceful and productive life. I want to share with my readers the stages I have identified that seem to occur to everyone who has entered therapy and is traveling down the very bumpy road less taken.

Look for me to be posting the ten stage, as well as other articles soon!

Thank you for your patience!!

Shirley J. Davis


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