A Correction to Some Information Posted Earlier


A few days ago, I posted about the way the two hemispheres of the brain communicate. In those pieces, I gave the example of how the interpreter (left hemisphere) and its silent partner (right hemisphere) interact. In that statement, I misspoke.

I gave the example of the person who had a split-brain where the wiring (corpus callosum) had been severed. They were seated with headphones on, and the instruction (get up and go across the room and pick up a pencil) was given in their left ear.

I initially said they spoke into the right ear, that is incorrect.

Information which enters our senses on the right side of our body is processed on the opposite hemisphere of our brains.

Since the instructions had been spoken into their left ear where it would be processed in the right hemisphere, they WOULD NOT be able to vocalize what they had been told; they would just do it. When asked why they had done it the left hemisphere would make up a story, trying to make sense of what they had just done. To the left hemisphere their motives for going following the directions given would make total sense and be right, even though it is a complete fabrication.

In contrast, had the instructions given to the person with a split brain, where their corpus callosum had been severed, in their right ear would have been processed in their left hemisphere where it COULD be interpreted.

This confusion does not change my basic premise that mythomania is caused by the left and right hemispheres of some people’s brains not connecting correcting. They miscommunicate, and the result is a person hearing something, say that someone is ill, and interpreting that information as they are the one who is sick.

Thanks, guys.



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