A Call to Connection: Making Childhood Trauma Personal


Dr. Allison Jackson


Child abuse and neglect are subjects everyone is uncomfortable talking about. To many it seems easier to turn a blind eye to our neighbors or family members who are either victims or perpetrators, telling ourselves it is none of our business and we don’t want to get involved. However, if we remain silent on this horrific issue, we doom children today and in the future to lives full of violence, uncertainty and fear. We must begin to speak up and to each other about this issue if we are to ever gain a handle on ending it. Silence is a horrible weapon when used against a child. It perpetuates myth, and it makes it difficult to form solid and lasting decisions on what to do and how to help.

Please watch the video below. It is amazing and it tells a very important story that we all need to hear and share. After watching it make a pledge to yourself and your children or grandchildren that you won’t remain silent any longer, but get involved in some way. Like is stated in the video, you don’t have to have letters behind your name to care about the welfare of a child. You just have to have concern, empathy and love.

We must end child abuse. 

Very Important YouTube Video

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