And Now For Something Completely Different!


Shirley J. Davis

I have been posting some pretty heavy things lately, and I decided to write something much more light. So, I went through and found some of my favorite jokes. While mental health issues are definitely not funny, sometimes laughter helps to ease the stress of recovery. I am not all business, and I do not always live in my diagnosis. It is extremely important to remember to enjoy life and step outside of oneself once in a while. So enjoy these jokes and laugh, laugh, laugh!!!



A man walked into a Psychiatrist’s office with a duck on his head. The receptionist asks him to sit in the lobby while she goes to fetch the doctor. After a few minutes, the doctor appears and escorts the man with the duck into his office. After having a seat, the Psychiatrist asks a few average questions, and then says, “Would you like me to remove the duck from your head?” The duck then responds, “Would you get this guy off my ass!?!”




“I do not have a multiple personality disorder,” said Tom, trying to be frank.

Wow! Boooo!






Okay, okay, enough is enough!!!!!!! Bye bye for now!


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