Happy Birthday Gift of Voice! You’re three years old!

Gift of Voice, a group I’ve become involved in Illinois, is a wonderful group of people who are trying to raise awareness of the rights people living with a mental health condition is missing. In essence, they work hard to make the legislature of Illinois and anyone else who will listen that people who are living with a mental health condition have the right to be treated like everyone else, with dignity and respect, regardless of their diagnosis.

This month marks the three-year anniversary of Gift of Voice, the brainchild of AJ French, an ordinary citizen who has an extraordinary interest in others. I count AJ as a close friend and Gift of Voice as a 501c3 organization that deserves its reputation spread far and wide.

I realize many of you reading this post cannot attend the birthday bash Gift of Voice is throwing, but a donation would go a long way to making sure Gift of Voice remains a force for good in the mental health community.

There are thousands of people who follow this blog, if each one would donate $1 per month, Gift of Voice could widen the scope of who it helps and where perhaps spreading to other states and beyond.

I began this month donating $5 per month to Gift of Voice and I am in hopes that some of you will give $1 or more to Gift of Voice to help them expand their outreach.

Here’s the page where folks can donate. It’s quick and easy to either pay a one-time donation or to set up a monthly re-occurring donation with PayPal.  https://giftofvoice.com/contact/

If you can attend the birthday bash for Gift of Voice, please click on the link below to get your free tickets. It promises to be fun and you’ll meet some wonderful people who care about you.

Click here for Eventbrite information.

I will also attach the flyer at the bottom of this post.

Now for some more information about Gift of Voice:


Gift of Voice is a mental health and trauma recovery training center operated by people in recovery.

With a vision for health and wellness across the globe, Gift of Voice facilitates:

  • Recovery Education for individual health
  • Advocacy Support for systemic health
  • Christian Spirituality for eternal health

One example of Recovery Education is the Resource Center.  [You are welcome to insert the following information in your own post.  It was extracted from our website.] The Center is a pilot program for individuals experiencing mental health challenges who are involved with the criminal justice system.  This program was developed and is facilitated by individuals with personal experience and professional expertise in mental health recovery.  The Recovery Resource Center operates with hope, voluntary participation, dignity, self-determination, respect, positive expectation, perseverance, and group wisdom.  In-person appointments are available at Gift of Voice headquarters in Edwardsville and phone support is offered to persons throughout Illinois who are currently under house arrest.

One example of Advocacy Support in Mental Health & Dignity Day at the Illinois State Capitol. Gift of Voice hosted Dignity Day where I was personally allowed to tell my story of how I have been treated at times without dignity to the mental health committee for the Illinois legislature. It was a powerful day where I felt heard and validated.

One highlight was when all we who were there to testify to the committee stood together and read a piece written by AJ French called “A Call For Dignity” in unison.

Dignity Day Link

Happy birthday Gift of Voice!!! And may God grant you many more years!!

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