My Loneliness Comes and Goes

I discussed yesterday how lonely I am inside, but this morning I feel totally fine. The dissociative identity disorder I have lived with all my life makes me fluid in that aspect and many others. I think you can understand this if you are a multiple, and if you aren’t then you’ve probably seen it.

I understand your confusion and concern.

The person in your life who has DID is passionate about something and then, click, that passion turns off.


It is normal for where we have been but it is scary sometimes and it can be dangerous. Unchecked, that switching from mood to mood can be deadly. I know, I attempted to die by suicide because I didn’t recognize the desperation in a part and she gave up.

If you are feeling volatile in your interests, moods, and emotions; you are not alone. One look at this site shows you that you are not weird and you can see how I feel up, happy and full of advocacy for life and then I write about extreme loneliness.

It is what it is. It is all part of the disorder and I’ve come to accept it.

So, put your seat belt on, grab the handles of your seat, and hang on for the most challenging ride of your life!


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