WEGO Award

Thank You for Caring

Well, I’ve been ill and incapable of holding a whole thought let alone writing so my stats on my site have dropped significantly.

I was receiving a reading rate of over 122 per day, now I’m lucky to get 20. I am very glad you who still frequent this site have stuck by me. Your loyalty means the world to me.

I continue to feel better. I only have had two good days now, and I am eternally grateful for them and to my Psychiatrist who has helped me enormously.

I guess today is a day to say thank you and to be grateful. So, I am doing both.

Thank you to all of you who didn’t give up on me.

Thank you to my psychiatrist and therapist who has been working hard with me.

I’m extremely grateful for you.

Thank you.


Special True Friend

Crystal A. Dedes

It has meant so much
Having you as a friend.
You will always be a part of me
Until the end.

When times are tough,
You are always there.
It has brightened my world
Just knowing you care.

You make me feel the love
I have inside.
You are a friend,
A mentor, a guide.

Since we met,
Our friendship has grown.
While you’re in the world,
I will never be alone.

I feel blessed to have met
Someone like you
And to have found a friendship
So special and true.


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