Why Recovery is Important



Recovery, a very important word. It means many different things to different people. My take on it may or may not agree with what you may define it as, but basically to me it is the ability to overcome some obstacle and live a powerful life. As a survivor of child abuse and someone who lives day in and day out with a multiple personality and as a person who stays just one step ahead of depression at all times I can say that this is not something that is easily achieved. It takes time, patience, self-understanding and most of all self-love. Those aren’t just empty sentiments, and they aren’t things that only I can achieve. I’ve met many people online who live powerful lives and share this power with others.


The time it takes to get well can seem overwhelming at best and impossible at worse to get well. Then you have to decide what is well enough? When do I leave therapy behind and take the step of faith and just join everyone else in living my life? Patience with oneself is utterly important if one is to live a powerful life. I didn’t get sick overnight and to expect my illness to go away magically is a child’s way of looking at things. Self-understanding and self-love are essential to gaining the ability to reach out to others who are looking for answers.

So in answer to the question why is recovery important to myself and others, I would have to sum it up like this. A life outside of recovery is a life of chaos and loss. A life of miserable days and self-defeatism. A life outside of recovery is, well to put it mildly hell! I know, I’ve been there! It’s only because people have helped me along the way, who believed I could and would find my own definition of recovery, and achieve it that I find life worth living today. I live a life I never expected was out there, one of fearlessness. I’m realistic, I know I will die someday, maybe today, but I don’t live in fear of death. I am not afraid to fail either because that is part of the human experience. Why live life in a fog of fear of things you cannot control? Why not push forward into the future with hope and love in your heart for not only yourself but others. That’s my final definition of recovery, a life of love for me and others. I’m very grateful to be able to live this life and very grateful for the peace I have finally found. Not every day is good, I still suffer from depression sometimes, but damn, life is so much better than it ever was before.


“Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create that fact.” William James


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